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Smart Pet Feeder PF-01

  • PF-01

Feeding Function

1) Timing Feeding: Can be set to 4 time feeding time, each feeding up to 10 (about 100g);

2) Remote Feeding: Mobile phone remote control equipment immediately feeding. Each feeding up to 10 (about 100g);

3) Recording Settings: Automatic feeding can be customized to play recording 3 times, recording up to 10s;

4) Data Statistics: Including the day before yesterday feeding, feeding yesterday, feeding today, regular feeding, manual feeding, on a meal, the next meal feeding statistics show;

Audio And Video Functions

1) Transmission: P2p peer-to-peer video transmission technology;

2) Video Surveillance: Support iphone, android phones and flat panel real-time monitoring;

3) Camera Function: Take pictures can be shared to friends and friends circle;

4) Video Recording: Support video recording, playback;

5) Real-Time Intercom: Support remote voice intercom;

6) Media Storage: Pictures and videos can be stored in the phone or tf card, tf card maximum support 128G;

7) Image Adjustment: Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation automatically adjust, mobile client supports digital zoom;

8) Infrared Night Vision: The use of efficient infrared light, long life, irradiation distance of up to 10 meters;

System Characteristics

1) Event Records: Recordable feeding and fault events;

2) Alarm System: Lack of alarm, food grain overflow alarm, equipment failure alarm;

3) Alarm Push: Support mobile client notification column, background push alarm;

4) Standby Power: 3 batteries on the 1st, to ensure that the equipment after the normal power down;

5) Network Protocol: Tcp / ip, http, tcp, icmp, udp, arp, igmp, smtp, ftp, dhcp, dns, ntp, upnp, rtsp,

6) Wireless Protocol: Wifi, 802.11 b / g / n;

7) Ip Address: Dhcp to get dynamic ip address;

8) Multiplayer: Support multi-user login the same account to use the same device;

9) Authorized Login: Support qq, wechat, microblogging, facebook, twitter authorized to log in;

10) language Adaptation: App will automatically switch language according to your mobile phone system language;

CMOS 1 mega pixel F2.0 aperture 1-25fps adaptive adjustable
Resolution 720P (1280 * 720), VGA (640 * 480), QVGA (320 * 240)
Viewing Angle 130-degree
Compress Mode H.264 high profile
Speaker 8Ω0.5W
Microphone -30dBV/Pa
Material 100% imported food grade ABS
Feeding Amount 4 meals a day, each meal up to 10 portions (about 100g)
Color White and Black
Food Capacity 4.5L
Motor 5V 10R/Min
Battery 3*No.1 battery (type D)
Power Adapter INPUT AC100~240V OUTPUT DC5V 2A
Rated Power 0.75W
Adaptive Systems Apple IOS, Android
Max Storage 128G
Temperature - 10 ºC to + 50 ºC,Normal humidity
External Dimension 240mm(length)x160mm(width)x380mm(height)

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