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Smart Pet Feeder PF-02

  • PF-02


1115° wide lens, 8 meters IR distance, wifi distance 20 meters
2) 720P HD video remote monitoring
3) APP real-time sharing to social media:Facebook,twitter,Instagram......
4) Remote food tossing to entertain pets through mobile APP
5) Voice talkback/real person recording to call pets for a meal
6) IR LED at Night 8Meters
7) Laser red dots rem
ote controlling by mobile app to entertain and interact with pets
8) Users can send the device number to their friends to log in at the same time to share pet's daily life.


Still Image Size 1M
Video Size 720P@30FPS
Build-in Microphone&Speaker Yes
Lens feature 115° Large lens
Focus 0.2m~infinity
Storage Media Micro SD card, up to 32GB
Status Led Yes
Night Vision IR flash within 8M
APP Language Selection Optional; default:English
Format Image:JPEG/Video:H.264
APP system requirements Support android 4.2 or aboveios 7 or above
WiFi 2.4G(802.11b/g/n),distance 20M
Power Source DC5V /2A
Grain barrel capacity 500mL
Dimension 149*145*220mm/730g
Real-time sharing Photos and videos can be Shared instantly on Facebook, twitter and Instagram
Voice talkback Built-in super clear speaker and microphone, support two-way voice intercom
Food calling 10 seconds of customized recording to call pets for a meal
Food Granular dry food
Sound detection When a loud sound is detected,it will record the video in real time and remind the user 
by sending message through the mobile APP
Motion detection When a large motion is detected,it will record the video in real time and remind the user
 by sending message through the mobile APP
Feeding Pets can be tickled by throwing food remotely through the mobile APP
 or by pushing the button manually
Auto-timed feeding Pets can be feeded at fixed time setting by users
Laser red dots By controlling the laser red dot to move up, down, left and right through the mobile phone 
APP, pets are interested in playing tricks and interact with each other remotely
APP online update Support APP to update the firmware of the machine online
User management Users register and log in with a password, and can share the device number to their friends 
to log in at the same time.

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